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Your Vote September 10th 2016

Local Government (Council) Elections will be held in the Shoalhaven City Council Local Government Area on Saturday, 10 September 2016.

Elections will be held for:

  • The election of 12 Councillors ( Four (4) Councillors in each of Wards 1, 2, 3
  • The election of a Mayor

The NSW Electoral Commission has launched a dedicated website for these elections which is the primary source of all election information: www.votensw.info

View Council's  Election Page

Latest News

Council notice board

Council offering latest Home Sustainability Courses

Council is again offering a number of free earthworks workshops beginning in September as part of the Home Sustainability program.

The courses will help educate residents in the fields of composting, worm faming, natural cleaning and home organic vegetable growing.

Courses under the Homes Sustainability program include:

• Compost Workshops – Teaching practical skills in building and maintaining healthy compost. Participants will receive a free compost bin and kitchen tidy.

• Worm Farm – Illustrating the many benefits of home worm farming. This course will provide the knowledge and skills to set up and maintain a healthy worm farm.

• Natural Cleaning – Will provide advice on replacing chemical based household cleaners with natural alternatives. Participants will learn about natural ingredients and recipes.

• Home Organic Vegetable Growing – A new course having been developed as a result of the overwhelming community interest in organic vegetable growing. This course teaches the practical skills needed to build a vegetable box, make home made potting mix and incorporate composting, worm casting and liquids into organic vegetable growing.

For more information phone the Waste Hotline on ph 4429 3374. Please book on-line at http://calendars.shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au/WasteManagementEvents.aspx

Report a Problem

Do you need help from Council? Check the report a problem page for issues relating to Illegal activities, trees, noise, maintenance, graffiti, animals